Saturday, October 8, 2011

Caution: Watch for Falling Acorns

It came with the sound of falling acorns. The day before had been clear, warm and sunny, almost as if to mock my stuffed sinuses and upset stomach. By mid-afternoon, though, dark clouds had begun to creep in and rain was soon to follow.

We used to wake to glaring sunlight peeping through gaps in the curtains, burying our faces in the blankets as a poor attempt to get one more hour of sleep. This morning, however, it was dark. It wasn’t the typical cool morning air that wafted through the open window, either. It had grown cold. And it was quiet, except for the gentle rustle of dried leaves in the wind. I didn’t hear it let go. There was no whistle in the wind as it plummeted through the crisp morning air; but just as I opened my eyes, I heard it: pang!

A dangerous little acorn had fallen from the tree outside, striking the roof of an unsuspecting car beneath.

I was glad it was not someone’s head.

Fall had arrived.

The past six months had raced by with blazing speed! We attended our first German fest, finally had our formal wedding ceremony, rang in summer with another fest, made some new friends, had our first house guests, and welcomed another new season with yet another fest. …and I failed to blog about ANY of it! I fail. Let me catch you up:

  • Germans like to pair beer with anything. Children? Rollercoasters? Historic tours? Bungee jumping? All of these are better with beer.
  • Fests are like state fairs, only better. Why? More beer! The Fruhlingsfest (Spring fest) and Volksfest have rides, but better rides than you’d see at a state fair. I’m talking log rides, full-size rollercoasters, and the scrambler.
  • Eating in Germany is always delicious. While the fests are like state fairs, you don’t get ‘Deep Fried Kool-Aid’ or ‘Fried Cheese on a Stick’ stands. You get ½ meter bratwursts, fresh fruit, candied nuts, mushrooms in sauce, etc. Eat your heart out, America! (but go for a run or something, afterward)
  • Are you getting married? Don’t be fooled! Your wedding day will definitely be the happiest day ever… but it’s probably going to be one of the most stressful days ever, too! Just relax and remember… if the cake isn’t the flavor you asked for, it’s not the end of the world. (That’s when you lose one of the really rare pearls your husband got you for your birthday during his R&R! But even that you will survive. ;) )
  • Marriage isn’t easy. It will teach you things that you didn’t even know you didn’t know! Like the definition of “compromise” and “unconditional”, or that there is actually more than one way to fold something or load a dishwasher. Just remember to laugh – at yourself – every once in a while and you’ll be fine. : )
  • Summer is hot. You just don’t realize how hot until you don’t have air conditioning… and neither does the gas station… nor the post office… so you find yourself going to the grocery just to “browse” the frozen food section for a few hours.
  • When attending a wine fest or a beer fest… leave at least a few hours before the last train. Or wear a poncho, a gas mask, and rubber shoes. It’s your call!
  •  Having house guests is a blast! We look forward to our next visitors. *Coughcoughwinteristhecheapseasoncough*

Ta-da! That was our spring, summer, and intro to fall.

Now, watch for falling acorns!

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